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Home Groups

Life is not meant to be lived alone. In fact, God dislikes loneliness. 

We were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at Epsom Baptist Church, we encourage you to connect with a Home Group.
A Home Group consists of a set of people who gather each week to share in fellowship, study the Word, and pray together with an intent to build up and support each member in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.
Groups come in all shapes and sizes — married, singles, men, women, kids, no kids, professionals, under 20, over 40 — the list could go on and on. No matter where you are in life, there’s a group for you.

Ready to dive in?

Find a group that fits you or alternatively be encouraged to start one of your own.


  • To provide a meeting place with God to.......
  • worship and express our love to God and open an opportunity to change in his presence.
  • Provide a place where we can use the gifts of the Holy Spirit to see God’s power released and change people’s lives.
  • To provide a meeting place with each other, creating a relaxed and informal environment to enable a high degree of sharing to allow people to be real with one another.
  • To develop as the heart and muscle of the church.
  • To create a place to give and receive pastoral care by creating a place to become vulnerable in order to share practical and spiritual needs.
  • A place from which to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus.
Home Groups

Anne and John Nicholls host a home-group on Monday evenings 7.00pm to 8.30pm.       

Aaron and Marcele White host a home-group on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.

Mike and Helen Parker host a home group on Tuesdays at 8.00pm

Andrew Kirk hosts a home-group on Tuesdays at 7.45pm.

Michelle Payne and Claire Alsford host a home-group on Wednesdays at 8.00pm

For details of homegroups please telephone the church office on 01372 749582